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Lidded storage container - add to your order (DFST)

Do you want to use a tilt out as lidded storage? We can help. By adding this to your cart, we will replace one trash can from your bin purchase with a lidded container. This gives you the freedom to mix and match as needed.

If you need more than one storage container, add more quantity to your cart. For every lidded storage container added, one regular trash can will be replaced.

For clarification,  you will not receive BOTH a regular trash can and a lidded container. The lidded container will replace the trash can.

This container easily holds a 24-pound bag of dog food. We do include a mounting bracket with every order and highly suggest using it when using as dog food storage since the weight of the food is generally very great.

Length: 15 3/4 "
Width: 10 1/4 "
Height: 20 7/8 "
Volume: 10 gallon

***The containers will NOT fit any slim style trash. If the word SLIM is in the trash bin listing, this can will not fit.

Not for individual sale. If the container is purchased without a cabinet, it will be refunded and canceled. This does not include the TRASH CABINET. This will replace the trash can that comes with a cabinet.

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