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small pet feeder 3 bowl chalk/white (W-CH-6)

Please read our FAQ page prior to purchasing.

This clean and beautiful dog feeder will help keep your home looking tidy and totally put-together.

The color is soft white and comes with real chalkboard door center. For a more permanent solution, try a paint pen!

The dimensions of this feeder are:

24 wide

6 tall

10.25 deep

It will arrive with 3 stainless steel dog bowls. It is made from 3/4 inch baltic birch cabinet grade plywood for a very sturdy feeder. The included bowls: two 1 pint bowls. one 1 quart bowl.

Please note: this is for the feeder ONLY.

This feeder is designed to match both our tilt out trash cabinet and our pet food storage which can be found here:

This arrives fully assembled and shipping is free to the U.S. Alaska and Hawaii, contact us for rates as they are not free.

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