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Stained top for tilt out trash bins and laundry hampers (Stain-TOP)-add to your order

What a beautiful way to add interest and contrast to your trash cabinet or laundry hamper.

Choose either espresso stain or driftwood stain for your painted laundry hamper or trash cabinet top. This will be stained and clear coated. 

Although both are beautiful to behold, they are NOT graded for food preparation. No two are exactly alike so please expect variances as our wood is real wood. Your new stained top will come attached to your cabinet or hamper.  

Measurements are as follows:

Single: 19W x 13D

Regular Double: 36.5W x 13D

Slim Double: 27W x 17.25D

Regular Triple: 54W x 13D

Slim Triple: 39.25 x 17.25

Quad regular 71.5w x 13D (in 2 pieces)

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