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Tilt out trash bin, triple bin, slim style, soft white (3SLIM-go)

Elegant and functional, doesn't seem to fit the typical description of a trash can. What a clever way to hide the daily trash and recycling of your home. No one will believe it's your trash.
We have so much info to give you about our trash bins! There is more, very important info located on our FAQs page. Take a look!
Here is what you need to know to get you started: 

Approx. dimensions of the bin in this listing are as follows:
38.50" wide
16.5" depth
28.5" tall
The color of this bin is stained in Golden Oak. Choose the door center that best fits your decor. This is a bin with 3 tilt-out bins in a slimmer configuration.

Please measure your space before ordering. Some of our bins are counter height and others are not but all sizes are listed.

No searching for the right can size. Rubber trash can(s) are included. They are 41 quarts and easily hold a 13-gallon kitchen trash bag

You are ordering a custom, handmade bin. The bin is an excellent representation of what your bin will look like.

Our bins are handmade from start to finish. Expect a little variation as each piece is custom. We truly build each bin with the utmost care. Our bins are sturdy and solid, painted throughout, and beautiful to look at. Because it is custom made, we need a little time to make it beautiful for you. Please expect a 5 week turn around time.

This bin arrives fully assembled and the shipping is free!

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