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About Us

Welcome to our store! 

At Lovemade14 we create custom, handmade trash bins and laundry hampers. Two of the dirtiest places a home can have, hidden in a beautiful cabinet and out of sight. Let us help you tidy up the mess and clutter of life. Everything is custom, handmade and shipped out of Kansas City, Missouri. 

We started this handmade business several years ago on Etsy. We have a long-standing reputation there but we felt the company needed room to grow and reach more families. With that, we started
Each bin and hamper are handmade from start to finish. We tested out every new product in our own home before we introduced it in our shop. We know how each item will function and how it withstands the wear and tear of everyday life with kids, dogs and busy grown-ups! We are proud to offer such elegant, eye-catching solutions to trash and laundry needs. We believe every part of life, even the kitchen trash, should be as happy as we can make it. With every order, we are honored to have the opportunity to build for another customer. We appreciate being trusted by our customers to build something they will use every day, for years and years. 
We're always coming up with interesting designs, combinations and configurations for our bins, so be sure to visit our store from time to time for new products and decorating ideas. 
We love hearing how our customers feel about their new bin or hamper and seeing pictures of our bins in their new home - so be sure to post a picture of your bin to Instagram and tag it #LOVEMADE14.  Tell us how you are using your new cabinet. Will it be a coffee bar? A microwave cart? Perhaps it holds your pet food? The possibilities are endless.
We truly hope you find what fits your home and lifestyle here. We have so many awesome choices!

Thank you for considering our shop!

P.S. - We give back. 

We have pledged to donate to two causes very close to our hearts this year, Homes for Our Troops fund and lung cancer research. We feel so blessed to be able to do what we love, we want to give back so that others may have a better chance at life.

Your place needs a little love.

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