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A little about us...

We are a small, family owned business. Tom and I both work non-stop doing what we love best and feel very grateful for this opportunity.  We are located just outside of Kansas City, Missouri. So your new furniture will be made in the USA! We have 6 kids between us and a grandbaby. You can find out more about our story here:

What is the current lead time?

Our current lead time is 6-7 weeks as of  Septmeber 2020. What caused the delay?  Due to COVID-19 stay at home restrictions in March and April, we were forced to move our shop back to our home which significantly slowed our process down. Supply deliveries were also delayed and limited supplies are still impacting us today. The delay was posted on the front page of our website for customers to read and stay informed. This message was stated an 8-10 week ship time and was updated in April and again in June 2020. We are now back in our shop and working hard 7 days a week to reduce this time. Please check back for updated times.

Why do I not see shipping rates?

Shipping is free unless you are in Hawaii or Alaska, please message us for rates as they are NOT the same. We wish they were. We ship only to the United States (48 contiguous). We do not ship to APO, FPO or PO boxes.

Do you have items in stock and ready to ship?

Your new bin will be made to order in your color choice with your handle selection and with your door center. Since each item is made fresh, we don’t have items in stock for immediate delivery. The items you see in our pictures were sold. You can count on your item to look nearly identical to the listing. Of course, if your item is stained, wood grain will vary.

Your trash bin or laundry hamper will take at least 5 weeks to receive. Seems like forever, but it’s worth the wait. Please keep in mind we are a very small, 2 person company and while we work diligently to keep our turn around time at 5 weeks, it is extremely possible to run late. If you have questions, feel free to ask. Also, we greatly appreciate your patience!

Do I need backing?

The back is open unless you purchase a bin/hamper with a drawer. If your bin/hamper has a drawer then the drawer portion is covered. See the picture below.  Full hardboard backing serves no functional purpose. Our bins/hampers are sturdy and solid. Your bin/hamper is easier to clean with *no* backing attached.  For those customers who would prefer backing, We do sell it separately under ADD ON ITEMS located in the top menu. This backing must be purchased at the same time as your item and can't be shipped after your cabinet has shipped without charging shipping.

The back of the bin is hardboard backing. As you can see, it's not a 'finished' back. But then again, most backs are to the wall. Finished backing, which includes painting the backing is not available. It is only available as depicted. 



What are the cabinets, hampers, and benches made from?

Our items are made from cabinet grade Baltic birch plywood. We look for the best wood we can find to build your bin. This wood species is very strong and durable. Your new item will last for many years. Because the cabinet is made from wood please expect occurrences from nature, including texture. The cabinets will have texture. There is no edge banding. Please look carefully at our pictures. Utilize the zoom function on your device. We work hard to insure our pictures are accurate as well as our descriptions.

If you add a beautiful cedar top, there will be knots in the wood. You will see rustic nail holes where the boards are fixed together. Please feel free to zoom in on our pictures. The cedar top adds so much character and such a warm, rustic charm! Although beautiful to behold, it is NOT graded for food preparation. As of June 23, 2020 cedar tops are no longer available. We do offer stained tops.

We use washable, cabinet paint in a semi-gloss finish on our white and black paint. Other colors are semi-gloss interior paint for durability. To clean your cabinet, use a soft cloth, warm water and the tiniest amount of mild dish soap. Do not use abrasive materials or harsh chemicals. It will ruin the surface. Also, we advise using felt pads under decor to protect your finish.

*colors names/brands subject to change without notice.  

We call it:          Actual maker name:


Soft white             Behr Palais White - the only white we offer.

                               We have found it matches most homes best.

Black                     Behr Molten Black AE-54

Neutral blue         Behr Blueprint s470

Turquoise blue    Behr Aqua Fresco M460-5

Light gray             Behr Classic Silver PPU18-11

Darker gray          Behr Magnetic Gray N500-5

Soft Ivory              Behr White Mocha OR-W11

Deep Ivory            Behr Navajo White (upon request for a limited time)

 If you need a custom color to specifically match your decor, we do offer any of our styles as "unfinished". This allows you an opportunity to finish your cabinet at home in just the right color! Just leave a note on your order requesting unfinished.

Rather have a stained bin? Please be sure to understand stain uptakes differently with each piece. It will have wood grain, swirls and color variances. If this is not appealing to you, consider a painted item. Keep in mind computer monitors may impact colors. We are not responsible for this. Customers should look at colors via on-line vendor sites or in person from vendor sites.

These colors are also available for our shelves. 

The colors we stock are:

Red Mahogany

Golden Oak


Dark Walnut


Provincial (warm brown)

Weathered Gray

Aged barrel


Unfinished is available upon request.

Stained bins will have a layer of clear protector applied. Swirls and grain are present. Edges are not banded. Please utilize the zoom feature to see details.

Keep in mind when looking at the stain colors, we use Baltic birch plywood. Each wood species will react to stain in a different way. This is important if you are trying to match cabinets. 

Again, we mention, a stained cabinet will have swirls and color variation along with wood grain and texture. If this is not something you prefer, consider our painted items. See the example below. 


The colors listed above are the colors we stock. There is no charge for ordering the above colors. They are interchangeable.

The trash can inside may vary in color depending on availability. Laundry basket colors may also change without notice and will depend on availability.

Coffee table tops are made of douglas fir. Here are the stains we offer for coffee table tops:


Can I add my own hardware?

Our cabinets are built with center to enter holes that measure 3 inches. This seems to be the most common dimension. We do offer NO drill holes so you can add your own once you get the cabinet home. We do not predrill any other dimension. We also offer 6 different handles.

Can I change the dimensions?

We have several different bin dimensions in our shop and do not offer dimension changes.

Please measure your space before ordering. Some of our bins are counter height and others are not. We do our best to keep the site up to date. Please contact us if the listed dimension accuracy is crucial. We will be able to verify the size. We try to keep the website updated but we are human and listings can be missed.

How do I use this trash cabinet/hamper?

The cabinet is very easy to use. Think of it as a cabinet door that you pull open and hold to shut.

Please use furniture protectors when placing items on top. To clean your cabinet, use a soft cloth, warm water and the tiniest amount of dish soap. Do not use abrasive materials or harsh chemicals. It will ruin the surface.

The trash bins will hold a 13-gallon kitchen trash bag. We do include the cans. No need to go searching for the right size…that’s nice! The inside trash can measures: 11 in. W x 15.25 in. D x 19.875 in. H. It  holds 41 quarts or 10.25 gallons.

Laundry hampers also come with removable, washable laundry bags…again, nice!

How do I measure my pet for an elevated dog feeder?

Determine the correct position for your dog's food bowl by measuring your standing dog from the floor under the front paws to the top of the shoulders and then subtract about 5-6 inches.

How high should the bowls be for cats?

When it comes to raised feeders, cats are a little different. They would rather eat crouched than standing up. According to the experts at Animal Wellness Magazine, “The ideal height for a raised feeder is the cat’s knee height (approximately 4” to 6”); this eliminates the need to lift up the head while eating or drinking.”

Where is the mounting bracket on bins and hampers and do I need to use it?

The bracket can be found in the back of the bin/hamper on the inside. It is built into the bar that goes across the back of the cabinet. See picture below. Drill through the backing if you have it and into your structure. If you have a drawer, remove the drawer to locate it. If not, just open the door and look towards the back. We suggest mounting every piece of furniture to keep everyone safe. This is provided as a courtesy. If you need assistance, contact a professional.


Where do you ship? Who is your shipper? How much is shipping?

Shipping is free unless you are in Hawaii or Alaska, please message us for rates as they are NOT the same. We wish they were. We ship only to the United States.

Our bins and hampers come assembled, just reverse the handles from the inside of the cabinet to the outside. Our carrier is FedEx. We will ship to the address listed on your order. If you have entered the wrong address, just message us before we ship your item. We can help. But once it ships, it has to be redirected and FedEx will charge for that.

If you are local to Kansas City, contact us to pick your item up and get a discount for picking your item up!

When your order ships, we will send you a tracking number to enter on the site. You can see just when your new, long-awaited item will arrive. FedEx may require a signature on bins with a final price of over $599.99.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday weekend prices are not honored after the sale date.

What happens if my item arrives with shipping damage?

We really hate shipping damage. We use a ton of packing material to get your item from our home to yours dent free. We want the moment you open your box to be a gloriously happy moment. FedEx takes very good care of our packages. But things still happen beyond our control. Although the damage is not common, like everything else, it can happen. If it happens to you, relax and know we will help you! Send us pictures of the damaged item and the damaged box. Most items can be repaired easily with help from us. This might include sending touch up paint or sending a replacement part. Almost any piece on the cabinet is able to be replaced by us and installed with minimal effort from the customer.

Can I get money back in lieu of parts?

We do not provide discounts or monetary compensation, please don't ask us, it is very awkward for us..... but we will happily provide repair pieces to get your purchase up and running as quickly as possible. 

If you have any other questions that we have not addressed here, just send us a message!

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